Serious Bio (in a nutshell)

Courtney O’Banion Smith has been teaching or tutoring English in some capacity for over a decade.  Most recently, she’s taught at San Jacinto College. She earned an Associate’s of Arts in Communications from Austin Community College, a Bachelor’s of Arts in English from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Poetry from Texas State University-San Marcos. She has taught courses in composition; technical writing; American, British,  and world literature;  graphic novels; literature and film; and creative writing. She has worked on the board of several literary journals and organizations, and her work has been reviewed and published in several journals, anthologies, and online.  In addition to spoken word performances and public readings of her work, she has presented on topics ranging from visual literacy and race to multi-modal delivery of literature in the classroom.

Her most recent book, The College User’s Manual: What Professors Wish Students Knew Before Setting Foot in the Classroom, is available here.

More Fun/Less Serious Bio

I live in Houston, TX with my devoted husband and our five and three-year-old sons. You’re just as likely to find me with a full cart of literary fiction and poetry at a used book store as standing in line to see Joss Whedon at a comic book convention. I read, write, edit, ride bikes, knit or crochet, randomly quote cult classic movies, and perform an acceptable zombie shamble. Serious proponent of haiku and senryu. dippy lover of God, and profound hater of keyboard courage and trolls, I will shamelessly defend the Oxford comma until my last breath. The changes to art and culture brought about by the web and social networking excite me in both good and bad ways. Despite periodic dry spells and distractions, I know poetry still loves me–I hope as much as I will always love it.