No Prophet

With so many ways

to communicate,

I default to silence.

Bless me

as I cut out my own tongue.

All the alphabets

are ridiculously inadequate,

just symbols assigned to sounds.

I choose silence,

not to passively acquiesce,

but to not contribute

to the tired, endless cacophony of opinion

clouding truth. True,

you can’t stop the signal,

but you can obfuscate the message

or refuse to hear it.

To wield the power of silence,

one’s voice must obey,

stay quiet and still;

just shut up already

so another’s may be heard.

An apparent lack of engagement

allows space for judgment,

which speaks volumes about the judge.

God grant grace and peace to us all.

Silence leaves room

to be heard by the one who matters

more than me or you

or what we might have to say.

Hear these words

or don’t, always your choice,

I’m all done talking.