College Success At a Discount! College User’s Manual Sale

collegeusersmanualFRONTJThe countless displays of deeply discounted office supplies and related paraphernalia mean two things: summer is over and school is about to start. In addition to pens and composition books, there are several other tools you’ll need to help you succeed. Take advantage of the following deals available for a limited time to get a discounted copy of The College User’s Manual.


Best for old-fashioned types (like me) or the tactilely inclined who love holding a book in their hands, turning down the corners of pages, writing in the margins, and underlining pertinent sections

Click here, and enter the coupon code FMCQ2UFP for 15% off the paperback at checkout. You may purchase the paperback on Amazon here, too, but the coupon discount will not work through Amazon.


Best for old-fashioned types with too many books cluttering their domiciles, those who already own a hardcopy but like to have an electronic version accessible from the Ether wherever they may be, as well as tech-lovers of all kinds

Click here to view the Kindle ebook which will be on sale for 99 cents starting Sunday, August 14, 8:00 am through midnight PST, Sunday, August 21!

Take advantage of these deals while they last and pay less for priceless tips and tools you’ll be thankful you know before class rather than learning the hard way once it’s too late.